Whether you’re a first home buyer or you’re looking to sell your home you will need to undertake a conveyancing process. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best solicitor that can help you ensure it is a seamless and stress-free process.


Here’s what we advise you should look for:


Whilst it may be easy to shop around for your conveyancing needs, especially when it comes to the high costs associated with buying your first home, we suggest you choose a solicitor that is based locally to where you are buying/selling your home. By hiring a solicitor that is local to the area, they are likely to have knowledge of current developments taking place and news that can affect the transaction. Further, by choosing locally there is the ability to visit the solicitor immediately If anything urgently changes during the transaction. They will also be able to attend the property within a short time period as requested. All combined it can result in the transaction being completed a lot quicker than other options online or based elsewhere. If you’re buying or selling locally, the conveyancing team at Hills Solicitors possess a high knowledge of the Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter Region with their office located in the heart of Maitland for easy accessibility.


Buying or selling your home is a daunting process for most and is often one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Ensuring that you can count on your solicitor to answer any questions, take care of the contract and they have the ability to address any queries within a timely manner is optimal.

The team at Hills Solicitors are passionate about building client relationships based on trust and understanding that this process requires high attention to detail to ensure the conveyancing process is looked after from the buying/selling stage all the way to the settlement stage.

Experience and Expertise

As discussed in our previous blog post about the benefits of using a solicitor, a conveyancer specialises in property law and delivers conveyancing services only. Whereas a solicitor not only understand property law, they have a wealth of knowledge on other legal factors that can affect the conveyancing process or be utilised afterwards. If you utilise a solicitor, they are able to understand the depth of contracts and engage in dispute management where necessary. With over 120 years of combined experience, the team at Hills Solicitors can offer their services in other matters related to the conveyancing process such as tax implications and how future divorce could impact on home buying/selling.

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For more information on buying a home, download our fact sheet here.

For more information on selling a home, download our fact sheet here.

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