In our recent news article we discussed the importance of finding the best solicitor for your conveyancing needs.
Whilst finding the right solicitor is important, it is necessary to be familiar with the conveyancing process and the steps involved to ensure you have been familiar with terminology and actions that your solicitor may use/pursue. This way, either as a buyer or seller you can ensure the process will achieve the outcome you desire as smoothly as possible.
The team at Hill’s Solicitors have over 120 years of experience when it comes to Conveyancing and Property Law Advice. They can offer different advice specific to either the buying or selling process.

Pre – Contract

You may have found your dream home or have found the right person to buy it. It is important for a solicitor to check the contract ensuring that all details including personal details, titles, rates and restrictions have been outlined correctly and include all special conditions.
Prior to signing the contract and receiving appropriate pre-sales advice. The team at Hill’s Solicitors ensure an extra step is taken and will contact you to arrange pre-purchase building or pest inspections. To make it a comfortable experience, the dedicated team can make the arrangements.
As buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest decisions you may make it is important to consider financing options prior to the full exchange of the contract. It is important to seek pre – approval of the financing decision to ensure that you are not locking yourself into a contract that you may not afford.

Exchange/ Pre-Settlement

The exchange process at Hill’s Solicitors is conducted with a high degree of quality and in a professional environment. This contract will be subject to correction if any issues are found and provides you with an opportunity to ask questions. In order for a contract to be valid, be mindful that both parties need to sign and have an agreement. This will require coordination of the team at Hill’s communicating with your lender to ensure a clear path of communication is established and the funds can be provided to the potential home buyer/seller.


The settlement for most is the stage of the conveyancing process which Is highly anticipated. All finances are clear and a final settlement date is decided upon. There may be some adjustments to the caveats and financial aspects and it is important to make sure the transactions are registered.
To ensure your name is on the properties Title they are conducted online via PEXA ensuring a seamless process.
The team at Hill’s Solicitors offer an on call conveyancing service that is 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our aim is to ensure if buying or selling your home you receive the right advice within a timely manner. This will put you on the right track before getting the conveyancing process started.
You can contact our all hours conveyancing service on 0474 044 557 or submit an enquiry form here.
Let the friendly team at Hill’s Solicitors guide you through the Conveyancing Process. Benefit from our experience.

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